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VR Goggles
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Our world-class in-depth training is delivered in four (4) main aspects to serve both individuals and organisations. Our modules are bespoke and tailored to your specific needs. Our training are hands-on and very interactive with the use of latest and relevant industry tools and software.

VR Goggles

With in-depth modules such as Requirement Engineering, Project Methodologies (Waterfall, Agile-Scrum etc), Software Development Lifecycle, Collaboration Tools, UX Interaction Design, Software Testing, Live Projects etc, DDAT will provide you with the knowledge you need either as a beginner or someone already in the space. We also offer support with Resume Writing and Interview Preparations. For more


DDAT can help your organisation deliver bespoke IT trainings to your employees based on your needs. For organisations transitioning into Agile and looking to work more collaboratively and effectively, our training modules will provide all that your organisation needs for this transition. We also work with organisations that are just looking to improve their Agile ways of working and implement best Agile practises. 


With the adverse effect of Climate Change and plans for a lot of organisations looking to explore and exploit for more Renewable Energy sources,  DDAT can help provide your employees with bespoke trainings to educate and keep your them informed on the range of energy sources, related renewable energy technologies and how they can transform your organisation on your journey to 'Greener Energy utilisation'.


DDAT offers tailored training in Oil and Gas to a wide range of clients. Whether your organisation is looking for basic training (e.g how is oil generated?) for its employee, a more advanced training (e.g subsurface interpretation) or other aspects of aspect of Oil and Gas Production, we can work with you to understand your needs and deliver either remotely or in-person training sessions for your organisation. 

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