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Tailored IT Training for Organisations

Agile Transition

Agile organisations are far better at responding positively to ever-changing market conditions and customer behavior. This explains why most organisations are transitioning from the old-fashioned and traditional way of product development to Agile methodologies. We know this transition is very challenging. DDAT can work with your organisation to ensure a smooth transition and help you 'Go Agile' without stress.  DDAT will also help to support your employees through the change. 

Agile-Scrum Framework  

For Agile organisations, DDAT can deliver training programs that are tailored to your organisation's business needs. We provide in-person and remote hands-on training programs for organisations in our Academy. We can help your employees understand what it means to 'Go Agile' and to leverage Scrum Framework and Practices to make your organisation more effective, more efficient, more user-centric, and great at delivering products/services faster to the market. 

Collaborative IT Tools 

We can train your employees in using the best collaborative tools such as Jira, Confluence, Azure DevOps, Trello, Microsoft 365, Miro etc, including Wireframing tools such as Balsamiq, Gliffy, Lucid Chart etc for more effective product development, seamless collaborations and delivery. We can also help you set up your accounts so that your employees can hit the ground running almost immediately. Our trainings are very hands-on, practical and designed to meet your organisation needs.

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