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Welcome to DDAT Academy

There is more to IT than coding! 

Dr. Tobi Olobayo (PhD)


Business Analysis 

  • Requirement Engineering

  • Project Methodologies

  • Product Development

  • SD Life Cycle

  • Process Mapping

  • Interactive Discussions


Agile-Scrum Framework

  • Scrum Framework 

  • Corporate Agile Transition 

  • Scrum Simulations and Tips

  • Software and Tools

  • Individual Take Homework

  • Group Take Homework


UX Interaction Design

  • User-Led Designs 

  • Wireframes/Prototypes

  • Design Tools and Software

  • Interactive Boards 

  • Mobile UX Applications 

  • Web UX Applications 


Software Testing/QA

  • Manual Software Testing

  • Testing Techniques/Types

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Role of Testing in SDLC

  • Live Product Testing

  • Intensive Live Projects



  • Bonus Resume Review

  • Bonus Interview Prep

  • Certificate of Participation

  • Post Academy Celebration

  • Monthly Subscription

  • A Lifetime of Community

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Join Our Winter Batch Feb - Apr 2024
Starting 24/02/2024

DDAT is launching its IT Academy in January 2024 with an inaugural winter batch running from February to April 2024. With over a decade of experience in training, we provide hands-on training experience for our students. Our Academy is adapted to cater to students with every level of IT/Computer experience; from beginners with zero experience to IT professionals with many years of experience. Our curriculum is comprised of twelve (12) intense learning modules, including 2 free and 2 bonus modules on CV review and interview preparation, group assignments, quizzes, and a final live project. With our industry-standard hands-on training programs and live projects, we will build your confidence and get you ready for your dream IT job. 

Tomi Owonipa (UK)

''Prior to the DDAT IT training, I had absolutely no idea what IT entailed, I assumed It was only for geeks with science backgrounds. Coach Tobi was deeply insightful, her taught modules are easy to understand, her classes are interactive, inclusive and engaging. I totally recommend this life changing, eye opening training''

Yetunde Olobayo (Nig)

''DDAT ACADEMY provided a great learning experience for me. The tools, interactions gave a lot of opportunities for growth as an IT specialist and business analyst. I definitely recommend DDAT for anyone willing to push beyond boundaries in the IT space''

Motun Boladale (Can)

''DDAT Academy operates an unparalleled IT curriculum redefining the concept of digitalization tutelage globally! 

It's hands-on approach creates a basement for professionals in various fields, fresh IT trainees and career transitioners to experience the "demystification of TECH", equipping you with the confidence to launch out in your chosen tech endeavor''

Olukemi Asalu (USA)

''DDAT Academy has empowered me with the knowledge and skills to excel in my career aspirations. The academy's exceptional curriculum, dedicated instructors, and supportive learning environment have been instrumental in my academic journey. I am confident that the foundation I have gained at DDAT Academy will propel me towards success''

Thank you, DDAT Academy

Ayodele Olowo (Nig)

“It's such a wonderful experience learning at DDAT Academy. I was taught virtually on all aspects as a Business Analyst and I must say that, it has been beneficial to me. The training widen my horizon in understanding IT beyond coding. I am recommending the academy to anyone that is determined to pursue a career in IT"

Our Strategy is Simple!

Free-Trial Period 

  • No Payment Necessary at this Point

  • One (1) Free Basic Computing Module (watch below)

  • One (1) Free Introductory Module (watch below)

  • Free One-on-One Meeting with the Coach

  • One-on-One Meeting slots are limited 

  • Accessible to Anyone 

Paid-Commitment Period 

  • Three (3) Months of Intensive Training including free-trial)

  • Eight (8) Hands-On Modules including Live Project

  • One (1) Final Exam - Knowledge Test

  • One (1) Bonus Module each on CV Review/Interview Prep 

  • Three (3) Extra Months to re-join next batch if desired

  • Only Accessible to Paid Students 

Post-Commitment Period 

  • Part of DDAT Academy Alumni

  • Monthly Subscription of a Small Fee 

  • Monthly Subscription gives Access to all Materials

  • Monthly Subscribers can also Attend Other Trainings 

  • Continuous Support to Get a Job if Not Already  

  • Only Accessible to Paid Students 

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